Jaden Debuts New Track "Again"

Jaden debuted this single by performing an acoustic version of the track on Beats 1.

This is a photo of Jaden Smith.

Image via Getty/Rich Fury

This is a photo of Jaden Smith.

Jaden dropped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show to premiere his latest single "Again."

Similar to his overall approach to music, Jaden's new track strays away from the current wisdom. The first half of "Again" sounds like the Jaden music fans are used to hearing. His trap-influenced cadence is infused with synthesized melodics. Just as this draws the listeners in, the song dramatically slows its pace.

For the second half, the bass is dropped out allowing Jaden's melodies to become more pronounced. At this point, "Again" starts to sound like the missing link between Travis Scott and Kid Cudi. 

Jaden debuted this single by performing an acoustic version of the track for Lowe's audience.


During his conversation with Lowe, Jaden talks about his upcoming album ERYS and who will be featured on the project.

"The last person I have on the record is the craziest thing ever. I have Kid Cudi on the last song," Jaden said before explaining his affinity for Cudi. "Cudi's my favorite artist... It goes so much deeper than music. Fashion. And just being yourself. He changes... He comes and he hangs out. Something that people don't know is me and Cudi have been making songs together since before I released my first project. He's kind of been mentoring me my entire exploration through music."

He also disclosed the album will host appearances from Tyler, The Creator, his sister Willow, and more. 

You can hear "Again" below.


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