Ice Cube Calls Out 'The Daily Beast' Reporter for Claiming He Assaulted a Rabbi: 'Get Your Facts Straight'

Ice Cube tweeted out a picture of 'The Daily Beast' journalist, Marlow Stern, after urging him to report correct information or face legal repercussions.

Ice Cube speaks onstage during the REVOLT X AT&T Host REVOLT Summit

Image via Getty/Phillip Faraone/REVOLT

Ice Cube speaks onstage during the REVOLT X AT&T Host REVOLT Summit

Ice Cube told people in 1992 to check themselves. But, it seems like one reporter either didn't listen to The Predator or doesn't care as he's now on the rapper's bad side.

On Tuesday, Cube took to Twitter where he combatted claims made by The Daily Beast reporter Marlow Stern. It's no secret that Ice Cube has close ties to the Nation of Islam and its leader Louis Farrakhan.

This moved the rapper to tell CNN host, Jack Tapper, to "watch [his] mouth" when claiming that Farrakhan is a "vile anti-LGBTQ anti-Semitic misogynist." 

After doing so, a comment made by Stern was interjected into the conversation. The statement comes from an article that details Ice Cube's troubled history with the Jewish community. In the comment, Stern questions why Ice Cube still has a platform and claims that he is an anti-Semitic person who ordered his security to beat up a rabbi in 2015. 

"It is hard to give Ice Cube the benefit of the doubt given the fact that his anti-Semitic activities have extended beyond the realm of the internet," Stern wrote. "He’s an ardent supporter of Louis Farrakhan, one of the world’s most prominent anti-Semites, and, most troubling of all, the rapper and actor was accused in May 2015 of ordering his entourage to beat up a rabbi." 

In 2015, Ice Cube was accused of assaulting a rabbi outside of the MGM casino in Detroit for wearing a yarmulke. Although he was hit with a $2 million lawsuit, Cube has maintained his innocence. As a result, Cube fired back at Stern for continuing to associate him with the incident. 

"The statement by Marlow Stern is a fuckin lie," Cube tweeted before threatening legal action. "I never ordered my security to beat up anybody. Get your facts straight or I’ll see you in court you asshole."

He then tweeted out a picture of Marlow Stern so that there was no confusion as to who he was talking about.

Ice Cube's relationship with the Jewish community has been less than cordial, to say the least. A lot of his lyrics—especially lines found in his 1991 classic, Death Certificate—have been deemed anti-Semitic. This including some of the bars thrown at Ruthless Records' Jerry Heller. People within this community took the jabs thrown at Heller and other executives as shots at anyone associated with the religion. He also tweeted out a few questionable theories this month that could be taken as anti-Semitic. 

Despite none of these topics being proven by facts, Ice Cube combatted the response to these posts by saying that he's not "anti anybody" he's just telling his personal truth as a "pro-Black" person. 

As for his interaction with Stern, some people are upset that Ice Cube posted a picture of the reporter. Additionally, they claim that Cube is specifically targeting Stern because the writer is reportedly Jewish.

Yet if Cube didn't attack the rabbi in 2015, then Stern's comments are misrepresentative and harmful. No one should be able to defame another person then conceal themselves behind the thin veil of words on a screen simply because of their religion or occupation.

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