Eminem Supports Joe Biden in New Ad Using "Lose Yourself"

In the video posted to his social media pages, Eminem's hit song "Lose Yourself" is playing while Biden appears.

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Eminem has seemingly endorsed who he wants in the Oval Office with by sharing a new ad. 

On Monday, the Detroit native took to social media where he shared a new Joe Biden ad. In the video that Em captioned "One opportunity... #Vote," his hit song "Lose Yourself" is playing while images of Americans living their daily lives flash across the screen. This montage includes children, minorities, essential workers, and others performing necessary tasks. It also features Biden and his campaign team making their way to an event. 

Although this message doesn't push any message other than to hit the polls, it clearly states that it was paid for by "Biden for President" and features both Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris. This gives the impression that the iconic rapper is urging his fans to vote Trump out of the White House. Also, as pointed out by Detroit Free Press, it shows how important this election will be as it is the first time Eminem has licensed his music to be used in a political ad. 

Biden's new ad has thrown fans for a loop. Although Eminem has voiced his disdain for Trump in the past, hip-hop fans never thought they'd see the day when Ice Cube and Lil Wayne are meeting with a Republican president while Eminem is standing in opposition. 


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