Eminem Did Chris D'Elia's Imitation of Him When They Met

"In the best way, he was just the most normal, cool guy," D'Elia said of the rapper.

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Chris D'Elia went viral last year for his hilarious impersonation of Eminem. While some people might have taken exception to be being impersonated, Em was actually entertained by D'Elia's imitation—so much so that the rapper cleared his schedule to meet with D'Elia. 

This funniest shit I’ve seen all day g. He say this how Eminem raps. pic.twitter.com/9lc8cWA5yd

— Larry Legend (@larryislegend) September 2, 2018

In a recent episode of his Congratulations podcast, D'Elia explained how their agents arranged for them to meet while Eminem was in New York City. Em held no reservations when it came to letting D'Elia know how he felt about the videos. 

"I'm like, 'K, this is the craziest fucking thing already. He's doing my impression to me of him,'" D'Elia says about a minute into the clip above. "He was like, 'You killed that impression, man. It was so funny... And the one in the garage when you're out of breath. Dude that's hilarious because I get out of breath sometimes.'"

Initially, D'Elia was worried that Shady would be an introverted person with no sense of humor about themselves. But after sitting with the rapper for two hours, D'Elia realized that the "icon" is actually pretty normal.

"In the best way, he was just the most normal, cool guy," D'Elia continued. "He was just a real mature cool dude. Talked a lot about hip-hop... We talked about comedy a lot. We talked about different comedians. We talked about my act, what I'm talking about."

D'Elia's impersonation of Eminem was so popular that he was tapped to star in the video for Logic's "Homicide" featuring Eminem. Instead of Eminem rapping his portions of the song, D'Elia plays the rapper's "body double" by mouthing the lyrics. Em does make an appearance in the video, but only to do his version of D'Elia's impersonation. 

This is INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a second I actually thought it WAS me!! @chrisdelia https://t.co/51Vop6aucO

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) February 6, 2019

Listen to D'Elia gush about Slim Shady up top. 

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