50 Cent Speaks on Rappers Using Gang-Related Lyrics

50 Cent warned rappers about crafting gang-related rhymes on Instagram.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson

Often, a rapper's lyrics are weaponized against them if they ever get into serious legal trouble. Although it has been said many times before, 50 Cent decided to warn rappers on Instagram about crafting gang-related rhymes. 

50 starts off his caption by reciting lyrics to the track "Heat" from his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. 

"i told you in 03 /i do what i gotta do/ i don’t care if i get caught/the DA can play this mother fucking tape in court/i’ll kill you," 50 Cent wrote. He went on to explain that even bars that are for entertainment value can—and more than likely—will be used against a rapper in court. 

"if you say crazy shit on these records they are gonna use it," his caption continued. "if you in a gang on the song then you in the gang when the indictment come fool."

50's comments were triggered by an article from The Conversation which he screenshot for the post. The piece touches on Drakeo the Ruler's legal battle. The Los Angeles rapper is currently in jail despite being acquitted on charges of murder and attempted murder charges in July 2019. Drakeo is still incarcerated because the District Attorney's Office decided to refile charges of criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle despite the jury being hung on these counts during his murder trial.

Prosecutors used lyrics from Drakeo's songs to justify his initial charges as well as the refiled case. At one point, prosecutors used the opening line of Drakeo's "Flex Freestyle" during which he raps: "I’m ridin’ round town with a Tommy gun and a Jag/And you can disregard the yelling, RJ tied up in the back" against him even though there's no evidence to prove that these lyrics are more than entertainment.

Prosecutors also claim that his rap group, the Stinc Team, is an alleged gang. Because of the state's gang enhancement laws and his prior convictions, Drakeo is once again fighting a life sentence. 

"When is this going to be over? When is it going to stop? When are they going to leave me alone?" Drakeo said to The Guardian during a phone interview in October 2019. "It feels like some kind of vendetta. It’s not about finding justice. It’s about taking my career from me."  

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