50 Cent Is Still Reminding Teairra Mari to Pay Him: ‘Somebody Tell Her They Will Lock Her Ass Up’

50 Cent responds to Teairra Mari recent IG posts with a reminder that he is still owed money.

50 Cent attends The Grand Opening of Kiss Ultra Lounge

Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage

50 Cent attends The Grand Opening of Kiss Ultra Lounge

50 Cent continues to press Teairra Mari, sending the reality show star another Instagram invoice. But this time, he coats his playful plea with some cynical legal advice.

On Monday, Teairra Mari posted a picture to her account in which she's wearing a shirt that reads "Ain't Got It." This combined with a caption that reads "#aintgotit #youaintgettingit" makes the post seem like a jab at her rival 50 Cent. Although the post doesn't directly mention the rapper, it was still enough fuel for 50 Cent fire back. This led 50 to use this picture as his weekly reminder to Mari that she still owes him bread. 

While Mari's post was a slight dig, 50 stayed true to his nature by taking this as an opportunity to rip into Mari's life. 

"This nut thinks she's not going to pay," 50 captioned his post. "Somebody tell her they will lock her ass up for not responding in New York. oh you will get, talking about she ain't got it. that's a new wig... where is my money."

50's caption alludes to a previous reminder where he exposed Mari with a clip of her refusing to take court documents. These documents were an order from the judge for Mari to provide her financial information. Through this, the judge can determine if Mari is capable of paying 50 Cent the $30,000 he was awarded after winning the revenge porn lawsuit Mari filed against him.

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