Once again, Teairra Mari and  Instagram irritant 50 Cent are at each other's necks. But this time, it's Mari taking a shot at 50 Cent. 

"Cut the shit, u are the Police and thirsty 4 attention," Mari wrote.

The tension between the two dates back to May 2018, when Mari initially failed a suit against 50 Cent for reposting explicit pictures of her on the internet. But, because 50 wasn't the reason the pictures were on the internet, the judge dismissed all claims against him and ordered Mari to pay him $30,618. This decision came in January 2018 and since then Fif has been reminding Mari that she owes him money. 

This has resulted in a social media war that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon as Mari alluded to the fact she will not be paying 50 anytime soon. 

"See I was just about to Pay ur rat ass too," she captioned her latest insult. "Now, #iaintgotit #youaintgettinit..."