21 Savage Shares Advice on Rappers Like Kodak Black Facing Legal Troubles

21 Savage had some word of advice for rappers: "the law is the law."

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Kodak Black has found himself in a very sticky situation. After getting arrested at Rolling Loud Miami for felony and state gun charges, the Florida rapper is now being linked to a shooting that took place in March. While Black is no stranger to legal troubles, the severity of this situation has people questioning the rapper's future. When TMZ asked his thoughts on Black's charges, 21 Savage offered some sound advice to Kodak and others following Black's lead.

Although he admits that he's just as confused about the situation as the general public, 21 Savage said he doesn't think this is specific to hip-hop. He explains that one has to be prepared for the consequences of their actions no matter their profession. But if you're an entertainer you have to be more careful than most.

"The law is the law," Savage said. "You break the law, you got to deal with the consequences. That's just how it go. Rappers just gotta be more safe you know? Some rappers do make bad decisions. We got to honor up to our bad decisions and face our trials whatever we go. Our tribulations. We just have to stand up and man up to it. It's some unfair shit going on, and there's some shit that's fair that's going on."

While he claims to have never been faced with a situation similar to Black's, Savage did have to weather his own legal storm. Savage began his 2019 with an unexpected fight. After undergoing a routine traffic stop during Super Bowl weekend, Savage was taken into ICE custody with the threat of deportation. Throughout this situation, the rapper waded through the memes and false information related to his case to regain his freedom. 

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