Watch Drake's "Anita Max Wynn" Alter Ego Get Remixed By Loud Luxury

"Somebody had to remix this, right?" the Ontario DJ duo said in their IG post.

Harold Feng / Getty Images

Someone was bound to do it eventually, so Canadians might as well be the first.

Drake's Anita Max Wynn alter ego was born from a 2023 Kick livestream, and now with the hats officially launching, the time is right for a dance music remix of the catchphrase.

Enter Ontario DJ duo Loud Luxury, who performed last night in Las Vegas. The pair know a thing or two about drops, and they used the "anita max wynn" sample right when you'd expect. Check out the end result from their Instagram page below:

"Somebody had to remix this, right?" They said, before adding in the caption: "surprised this didn't make his album."

Steve Aoki approves. He gave out a "So goood!" in the comments.

Drake has so far embraced wholeheartedly the memeness of it all. In addition to dropping the Anita Max Wynn hats on Monday on his Drake Related website, he also posted a meme of it on his official Instagram page.

In his Instagram stories, Drake also bid adieu to his Toronto fans as he gets ready embark on the next leg of his tour. "See you all when the snow melts...once again pls take care of each other Toronto," he said, in reference to what he told Toronto before the first part of the tour.

The It's All A Blur...Big As The What? tour with J. Cole kicks off Feb. 2 in Tampa.

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