Joey Badass Covers Prince's Classic Song "When Doves Cry"

Joey Badass also performed "Temptation" during his visit to Triple J.

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Joey Badass wasn't playing it safe with this one. Covering any Prince song is a difficult task, but taking on one of the legendary singer's most iconic singles is even more daunting.

Ignoring the risk, that's exactly what Joey did when he made a visit to Australian radio station Triple J for their Like A Version series, which prompts artists to perform covers of their favorite songs. Joey picked Prince's 1984 Purple Rain lead single "When Doves Cry" and flipped it into a new version that he's calling "When Thugs Cry."

Backed by a full band, Joey showed off impressive chops as a vocalist as he sang Prince's original hook, before mixing in a couple new verses of his own. Honestly, this could have gone very wrong, but Joey pulled off an impressive cover. If, somehow, you haven't ever heard Prince's original, you can listen to that below.

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While in Triple J's studio, Joey also performed a live version of his ALL-AMERIKKAN BADASS highlight "Temptation," jamming things out with the full band. Watch that below.

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