Premiere: G Herbo Drops Video for Title Track Off Upcoming Southside-Produced Album 'Swervo'

G Herbo has a Southside-produced album called 'Swervo' on the way and today the Chicago native shares the music video for the project's title track, directed by JMP.

G Herbo has announced that he has a new album on the way called Swervo that's fully produced by Southside.

"Swervo is a lifestyle, it’s my alter-ego," the Chicago rapper told Complex about the concept behind the project. "It’s the other side of Humble Beast." 

Herbo says he and Southside attempted to capture the feeling of riding through new cities in expensive cars and taking in the good things in life. "Southside, who produced the whole album, came up with the name," he explains. "We would hook up in Atlanta, Miami, or L.A. and just hop in $200K whips, swerv thru traffic—really just have fun and enjoy life—then go to the lab and capture that feeling. It’s that vibe. I can’t get that feeling in Chicago, because Chicago ain’t a place you can relax and let your guard down. Not even for a second. Don’t get me wrong, I still talk that street talk, because that who I am at my core, but on this album I’m still having fun with it at the same time."

Swervo's title track makes good on that promise as Herbo flows over trunk-rattling production with lines like, "I drive nuts cause I'm Swervo/In the whip put the clutch into turbo." The song's JMP-directed video gives a peek at Herbo's luxury lifestyle as he opens the doors to an upscale home and takes a ride through the city. "The ‘Swervo’ video is my favorite video to date," he says. "The director, JMP, really captured the vibe of the song and the album and we just really brought the Swervo lifestyle to life."

Watch the video for G Herbo and Southside's "Swervo" up top. The album is scheduled for a mid-summer release.

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