The Biggest Takeaways From a First Listen of Chance the Rapper's 'The Big Day'

Chance the Rapper's debut album 'The Big Day' has arrived. These are the most important things we learned after a first listen.

Chance the Rapper 'The Big Day' biggest takeaways

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Chance the Rapper 'The Big Day' biggest takeaways

After a slight delay, Chance the Rapper's new album, The Big Day, is here. Following a series of successful mixtapes, the 26-year-old Chicago rapper has been adamant that this is the first project he's selling, so he's presenting it as his debut album. With 22 tracks in total, there's a lot to get through on this project, and it will take much more time than a day to fully digest everything going on here, but we've taken some time to write out our initial thoughts after an initial spin. These are the biggest takeaways from a first listen of Chance the Rapper's debut album, The Big Day.

He’s still vocal about remaining independent

chance the rapper getty burak cingi

He doesn’t stick to one sound or style

chance the rapper the big day scott dudelson

He wants us to dance

chance the rapper getty daniel boczarski

The production is mostly handled by his Social Experiment collaborators

nico segal getty timothy hiatt

Chance really, really likes being married

chance the rapper wife getty gilbert carrasquillo

DaBaby’s run of show-stealing verses continues

dababy getty prince williams

It’s not a gospel album, but he’s still fitting in biblical references

chance the rapper sunday service rich fury

He takes us behind the scenes of his family dynamic

chance family robyn beck

He brings back ‘slip-hop’

chance the rapper performance marcelo hernandez

The skits feature some recognizable Hollywood voices

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Chance rallied some major black actors for this album. The most appropriate (and most recognizable) Hollywood feature is John Witherspoon, who notoriously starred in the Friday series. He lends his voice to the "Photo Ops" skit, in which he attempts to break up a conflict between two brothers. If there is one thing Witherspoon is really good at, it is playing a father figure-type character and adding a splash of comedy in the midst of chaos. Keith David later comes in on the second skit, "4 Quarters in the Black," where he proposes a toast during a wedding reception. In some ways, his toast pokes fun of the groom, casually mentioning his shortcomings. Even so, he manages to throw in a couple of compliments. "This is a guy who literally never ceases to surprise me," he says. "The decision he makes are not necessarily the decisions I would have made or anybody with some sense. But what I can say is: the boy is fearless." Overall, Witherspoon and David offer good anecdotes to help illustrate what the "big day" mean for fans. —Jessica McKinney

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