Someone Hacked Lex Luger's Twitter and They're Saying He's Broke

His baby mama is allegedly behind this.

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Producer Lex Luger, best known for his work with Waka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross, and The Throne, has been hacked by an unknown user and they’re not holding anything back.

First, they posted a very NFSW video of someone jerking off. We’re not sure why that was necessary. Maybe it’s to shock his followers? But this person reveals some crazy things about the VA producer.

The person behind the hack was his baby mama. From these tweets, it was her who gave the greenlight to have the hacker infiltrate his Twitter account and share some dark secrets.

You guys act surprised there's tons of videos recordings messages full blown life sacrifices in the files we have and all we needed was yes
A simple yes from his BM that you ppl would obviously think did this but I did she just payed me to destroy him and that's our specialty
Stop getting mad at us doing our job she never told us what was off limits not like she cares she gave up his social security number
So sit tight were not stopping till she pulls the plug
Aside from Twitter I'm just doing my job I'm a hacker so I hack

From these pictures below, the hacker states that Lex Luger is broke. Just look at his bank statements …

When your favorite producer has no furniture how ?
When you selling beats !!!!
Yea I'm everything until I post up numbers to benefit you😂😂😂 we don't care Lex is gonna have to call his momma Deb
😂😂 you aren't mad you're still waiting for the next hit 6 Years later

In more tweets, the hacker says that Lex Luger hasn’t seen a royalty check in a few years and his BM is still stripping in Miami to make ends meet. Deb Antey’s name gets brought up, and she apparently gave Lex $10,000 dollars but he ran through that cash with the quickness.

Lex is broke no furniture no car cause his BM was the owner of all the cars cause he was too stupid to pass the license test😭
Lex owes Bmi for using a Sam Cooke sample on that way Ross everyone left it to him to pay it wale didn't even clear it 😂
Lex hasn't seen a royalty check in 3 yrs and his BM IS stripping in Miami
Lex told his BM go fuck for money after she did a record with him and he never paid her . It's all in the receipts were just providing
He used another Sample Curtis mayfield too and his statements are ready to show
DEBRA ANTNEY gave lex 10k 3 weeks ago and he's asking for collabs now that he ran out

The hacker then shows an image of a record Lex made with his BM that she never got paid for.

Yea I believe that's @purolecocainee smoking her blunt and sending him the record they did together HE NEVER paid 4
this is after he told her go fuck for money he turned her producer then tried to not pay her SINCE May when he tweeted his BM black eye
Nothing to lie about look at the pictures and they send them back nd forth when they're not in the same place working on the record together
Lol we don't care what you believe she gave us her email account and everything willingly and walked away so we're just doing what we do
Lol all you ignorant ppl sitting here like ppl do things for no reason for every action there's a reaction mind your business like you say
I'm lying .... His stripper BM pictures she sent him in a text
Now if I have a whole iCloud to myself I do what I want she signed it over she's not safe but she was smart to talk to him on the phone more
Then she would text him unless she couldn't talk or ignored him AS THESE TEXTS SAY
You guys pay the ppl at McDonalds to make you food I get paid to hack and I'm not even in the states we are not even close

He/she is still going too. Now, they’ve revealed contact information for Drake, DJ Khaled, and more. Lex Luger finally noticed what was going on and looks to regain control of his account. But has the damage been done?

I'm still here and I still love all my fans. Someone has hacked my Twitter. I'm too busy with my kids to pay it any attention. So I'm sorry

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