Inside Pro Era’s Recording Process

As CJ Fly explains, "We are stronger together." Read on to learn all about Pro Era's collaborative style, personal set ups, and more when in the studio.

Photo by Jared Ryder

Pro Era’s process of recording and making music is a group effort (read: “The Crew: Pro Era”). As Joey Bada$$ said in an episode of The Process with Peter Rosenberg, recording with his friends is a lot more fun and efficient. “When you are rocking with the crew, it’s more than one person contributing ideas. It’s really easy to get things done because if I got a verse and you got a verse and he got a hook, song’s done,” he explained.

Though they each have individual styles, whether it’s CJ Fly opting to write his verses instead of freestyling, Nyck Caution envisioning one of the Pros on his songs, or Kirk Knight curating a vibe for the day, they depend on each other to make a whole record, from song structure to final product.

Here, members of Pro Era break down how they collaborate, their personal styles, and the overall sound of the Brooklyn-based crew. 

On Collaboration

On Personal Recording Styles

On Setting Trends

On the Pro Era Sound

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