Luna Li Announces Debut Album 'Duality,' Drops New Single f/ Beabadoobee

Toronto’s Luna Li announces her debut album 'Duality,' a North American tour, and a new track “Silver Into Rain," featuring London's Beabadoobee.

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Toronto’s Luna Li has announced her debut album, Duality, set to be released March 4. She’s also dropped the first single, “Silver Into Rain,” featuring London indie rocker Beabadoobee. With her new LP, Li will be headlining a tour across North America. 

Complex recently named Li one of 30 Canadian artists to watch out for in 2022.

The Korean-Canadian artist’s new song is celestial and lush. Her soft vocals and instrumentation are feminine and the guitar solos add a dreamlike quality to the song. Li explains the new single is about “longing to become a better self. In the song I’m lamenting all of the things about myself that I feel are holding me back in life, and how sometimes it can feel like everything you touch turns bad, turns to rain.” 

Her music carefully curates a combination of psychedelic and indie rock. Her upcoming album, Duality, expresses vulnerability and a willingness to take risks. “Each song had some element of light and dark—where there’s happiness there’s still uncertainty; where there’s anxiety there’s also beauty; and where there’s tension there’s freedom,” says Li.

Growing up, the Toronto-based artist had always gravitated towards art. From learning to play the harp to the electric guitar, Li has always had a passion for composing and her mastery of instruments shines through in her experimental tracks. With poetic lyrics and an otherworldly sound, Li is just getting started.

Check out the video for “Silver Into Rain” above.

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