Toronto's Luna Li Releases Dreamy Music Video for "Alone But Not Lonely"

The Toronto multi-instrumentalist has shared her latest single and accompanying music video to support the release of her new EP, "Alone But Not Lonely."

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Toronto multi-instrumentalist Luna Li has released her latest single “Alone But Not Lonely” which is infused with her signature dreamy vocals and ethereal melodies.

“I wrote this song as an act of self care, to cheer myself up during a darker time,” says the singer, who describes herself as a music-making moon fairy. “The phrase ‘Alone But Not Lonely’ is a mantra I use to remind myself that time I spend with myself is valuable and special, something that should be celebrated.”

Luna Li against a blurred cloud backdrop

Although the single is the perfect chill pandemic anthem for being isolated, Li’s song was actually inspired by an apartment that she shared with some unwelcome crawling guests. “I wrote ‘Alone But Not Lonely’ in my very first apartment which was cockroach infested. I was feeling really uncomfortable and lonely in the new space, and decided to write this song to cheer myself up and entertain my newfound insect friends,” she tells Complex.

The orchestral track leverages Li’s musical background, as she is classically trained in piano and studied violin at university. The lush strings are present in the song, preceding a funky guitar shred, which Li also plays.

To accompany the lush song, a new music video was released to showcase the song’s theme and meaning. “The video was amazing to shoot, and I love how the video emphasizes the message of the song; it’s a celebration of being alone and valuing spending time with yourself,” Li says. “The globes represent how each individual is a world within themselves, and how there’s so much to explore within oneself.” 

Li’s upcoming album is due to drop in September ahead of her U.S. tour with Japanese Breakfast.

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