Wale Opens Up About J. Cole's "False Prophets" and His Response Track "Groundhog Day" | Everyday Struggle

Wale addressed his previous issues with J. Cole on 'Everyday Struggle.'

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Wale stopped by Everyday Struggle with Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska to chop it up about life and his rap career.

One of the topics that came up was his relationship with J. Cole. The two rappers have been close for some time, however, their friendship hit a quick rough patch back in December after it was believed Cole took shots at Wale on "False Prophets." The DMV rapper responded with "Groundhog Day." Less than 12 hours later, they were spotted at a college basketball game together.

Though the issue has been resolved, Wale recalled the moment he heard "False Prophets" and how he hit the studio immediately afterward. He had just gotten back from the club when people reached out about "False Prophets." He initially was chill about it given his friendship with Cole, but then something clicked. "Now I'm starting to get on my Wale shit like, 'Oh this nigga trying? Yeah, OK.' I ain't even hear the joint yet, but I'm like, 'Alright yeah."

"I got home, I looked at the video... called the engineer," Wale says. "10 hours that joint was done."

Check out the full episode of Everyday Struggle with Wale here.

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