Joey Bada$$ Had the Perfect Response to Troy Ave's Diss Song

The feud between the fellow Brooklyn rappers continues.

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The feud between Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave continues today with Joey digging up several old tweets of Troy dissing Nas. The date range of the tweets are between 2009-2011 and include Troy Ave calling the legendary rapper a "weirdo," "wack," and swagless. "Yea i listened to 2 that nas record and its wack. only thing retro thats not cool is RETRO Flows."

"This brotha been buggin," Joey wrote with the accompanying screenshots. "Get him TF outta here.... No mercy for this man." His tweet follows a recent diss song released from Troy Ave, who rapped about Joey having a "drug addict face" and also claimed the fellow Brooklyn rapper has less buzz. Many felt Troy crossed the line when he brought up Capital Steez on "BAD ASS." The former Pro Era rapper committed suicide in 2012, which Troy referenced when he rapped, "Don't be suicidal like your friend in the casket/Steez burning in hell." Yesterday, Troy went on Sway in the Morning and defended his decision to use the lyrics. "I got friends that's killing shit, he got friends killing themselves," he said.

...... This brotha been buggin ..... Get him TF outta here.... No mercy for this man
you don't have to be politically correct when u self made, if nobody built you up nobody can tear u down! Help can be a Handicap #FACTo

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