Earlier today, Troy Ave called into Sway In the Morning to talk about his Joey Bada$$ diss song, "BAD ASS," which he dropped last night. During the conversation, Troy opened up about his issues with Joey and the Pro Era crew and how it all stemmed from tweets about record sales from a year ago. Sway also brought up Troy's disturbing line about Capital Steez​'s death​, where Troy rapped that Steez was burning in hell because he committed suicide. Troy said that he didn't regret the line and that it wasn't "his business" how the bars affected Steez's family after the fact. "I got friends that's killing shit, he got friends killing themselves," Troy said to Sway.

That wasn't all though, as Troy even called Steez "a bozo for jumping off a roof," while Sway and the rest of the crew on the call dispelled what he was saying on air. Troy later went on to compare Steez's suicide to if Joey had a rapist in his crew. The entire interview is quite discomforting and a tough listen from the start to finish. As of now, Joey and Pro Era have yet to respond to Troy, but with such strong statements, you would have to believe something is coming soon. You can listen to Troy's interview below, and check out his diss song here