Premiere: Jazz Cartier Drops the Incredible Duo VR Video for "Red Alert/100 Roses"

Jazz Cartier's "Red Alert/100 Roses" duo visual should be in the running for video of the year.

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Jazz Cartier is known to push the creative boundaries of music and art, and that continues today with the release of the "Red Alert/100 Roses" video. Not only is it a duo visual, but it comes with a virtual reality component that takes the experience to the next level. The 360 effect is available on desktop through Google Chrome and Firefox, and on smartphones through the YouTube app. Of course, if you have a VR headset, you're good to go. For those on mobile, click here.

The release of the "Red Alert/100 Roses" video comes a few months after Jazz's Hotel Paranoia, a project that showcases the Toronto rapper's growth since Marauding in Paradise. We spoke with Jazz Cartier about the "Red Alert/100 Roses" video and also have some awesome behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, which you can check out below.

Your music videos have always had a cinematic feel to them, but this latest one takes the cake. What was the process like creating it?
Thank you. This one took months of planning before we actually shot it. Jon Riera came to me with the idea and after countless meetings we came to the conclusion that we wanted to expand the vision and make the video entertaining at all times. 

You were truly wildn’ in the car scene. Was that something you guys did in one take?
Haha, the car scene took at least 10 takes and we had to settle with the best one just because of the way the video is shot, we couldn't edit back to previous ones. I was really hanging out the car, though we had a strap to my legs, but it was only restricting me so I said fuck it and went off. 

The last scene of the video takes it to another level. Let’s cut to the chase though: Which one is the real Jazz Cartier?
Haha it's all me. We filmed each scene numerous times separately in order to stitch it together like that. Super choreographed but that's definitely the highlight of the video for me. 

We’re a few months removed from the release of Hotel Paranoia. How do you feel about the reception toward it thus far?
It all dawned on me briefly during my Europe tour—how far the music has reached and people it's connected with. It's easy to get lost in the pollution of music on the internet but thankfully I'm seeing the better side of the come up.

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