Is This the Release Date for Jay Electronica's 'Act II' Album?

A close associate of Jay Electronica may have revealed the release date for 'Act II.'

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As if today's Frank Ocean album scare wasn't enough, there is now speculation that fans of Jay Electronica have finally received the release date for his much-delayed Act II: Patents of Nobility album.

Jason Goldwatch, a director and close associate of Jay Electronica, posted an Instagram photo Monday of the rapper with the caption, "1.7.17." So here we are in August 2016, and there's a possibility Jay's album comes five months out? As Bart Scott would say, can't wait.

But then again, we've been burned far too many times by Jay Electronica in regards to this release. The most recent events in this saga took place back in October, when the rapper announced during a show in NYC that he spoke with Goldwatch about hitting the "delete button" on Act II, which brought about a collective:

Of course, it didn't help a month later when Erykah Badu declared, "Jay don't need to make an album."

In July, Jay Elect did tease new music and advised his fans to subscribe to Tidal, which either meant he was serious about dropping some new tunes on Jay Z's streaming service or he was doing it out of necessity as an artist on Roc Nation.

It's still unclear if this "1.7.17" caption is about Act II or something else Jay-related, and we reached out to Jason Goldwatch for clarity. One thing's for sure though: It's hard not to get played in 2016.

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