Holy Sh*t: Donald Glover Says a Migos Collaboration May Be Coming Soon (UPDATE)

Donald Glover is very much interested in working with Migos following his Golden Globes acceptance speech shout-out.

It's no secret Donald Glover is a fan of Migos, especially after the actor/rapper shouted out the Atlanta trio during his acceptance speech for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy last night at the Golden Globes

"I really want to thank the Migos—not for being in the show—but for making 'Bad and Boujee.' Like that’s the best song ever," he announced to a crowd that probably had no idea what a Migos was. Cue Jake Gyllenhaal doing his Googles.

Jake Gyllenhaal tmrw morning after he Googles "Bad and Boujee" #GoldenGlobes pic.twitter.com/ZHhgeRrjel

Migos was quick to thank Glover for the shout-out, using the moment as an opportunity to plug their upcoming album Culture which is due out Jan. 27. Glover would later call Migos "The Beatles of this generation" sending us back to the debate that blew up at the top of 2015 on this very subject.

The question now on the tip of everyone's tongue: could a collaboration between the two acts be on the way?

TMZ caught Glover outside the Chateau Marmont to ask that very question, and his response was promising. "I have to. They're Zone 6. That's Atlanta," he replied.

His brother Stephen Glover​ echoed that sentiment, adding, "It's happening," though he clarified they haven't been in the studio yet.

If you remember back in 2015, Glover tweeted he reached out to Migos' manager to work. He never specified what kind of "work" he was looking to do, and it's entirely possible that initial connection was for Migos to appear on his award-winning show, Atlanta, which they did. But it now appears their musical collaboration is coming sooner than later.

During an interview on TMZ Live, Quavo and Offset announced that a Migos x Childish Gambino record is, in fact, happening. 

"When we did the (Atlanta) episode, I went ahead and told [Glover], I was like 'We got to get into the studio after this [...] We going to keep building an empire with this. We might as well get into the studio','' Offset said. "He was also with it."

The interview concluded with Offset announcing the collaboration was on the way. You can check out the video below. 

Also, if you thought Glover was joking about "Bad and Boujee" being the best song ever, watch below as he gets turnt to the record that is on pace to hit No. 1 this month.


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