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Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has broken his hiatus from hip-hop with a new collaboration alongside his brother Steve G. Lover III.

The track is a remix to Tyga and Young Thug’s “Hookah.” It’s the first time we’ve heard Gambino on a song in 2016, where he opens the song with a verse filled with some boastful bars like how he’s the new Ma$e. One that’s particularly dope: “Got a hard drive and it's backed up – couple hits/If you need ‘em you should ask us.”

His brother takes over the second part, where he raps about not messing with the hookah. He prefers the papers and the Dutches with a bit of good weed inside.

Glover is currently putting the finishing touches on his FX series Atlanta. Much like his brother, Steve is an talented with his pen as well. He was a primary writer on the show.

“No Hookahs” appears on his new mixtape Rick Black American presented by DJ Rhetorik. You can stream the whole project below.