You Can Purchase 2Pac's Hand Signed Prison Bible for $54,000

The Bible 2Pac had while in prison is selling for $54,000.

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These days you're bound to come across some pretty unique—and pricey—items from 2Pac's past that are up for sale. The latest is a Bible the late rapper had while he was in prison in 1995 at Clinton Correctional Facility serving nine months for sexual assault charges.

The Bible includes a signature from Pac who also wrote his inmate number on the inside front cover. As TMZ points out, the Bible is up for auction at Moments in Time for $54,000.

Per Moment in Time:


According to TMZ, someone from Pac's family independently sent the Bible to Moments in Time, so it's technically not being sold through his estate. Still, his family will receive a large portion of the sale when it's purchased.


For those who are in deep in 2Pac's catalog, you'll remember he famously referenced his time in prison on "Hail Mary," rapping, "To my homeboys in Clinton Max doing their bid."

The Bible joins a list of other auctioned 2Pac items such as a Hummer, a handwritten love letter, a jailhouse letter, and handwritten lyrics. Best believe none of those items went cheap.

If you miss out on the prison Bible, don't fret; if history serves correct, another item from 2Pac's past will be up for grabs soon enough.

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