Watch Kanye West Perform "Late" and "New Slaves" at Odd Future Carnival

Kanye surprised the audience at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

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Kanye West has called Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator a "mentor" in an interview conducted during his most recent press run in Los Angeles. Tyler has cited Kanye as someone he has admired coming up in the game. So it should not be surprising to see the two of them on stage together at the Los Angeles Coliseum last night.

And yet, the moment was somewhat surreal. Midway during the Odd Future Carnival that Tyler was throwing, Kanye popped up on stage and began by performing "New Slaves," a song off of his most recent album, Yeezus. This was followed by Tyler giving Kanye a hug, and then the two transitioning to a song from the beginning of Kanye's catalog: "Late."

Unfamiliar with the song? It was hidden at the end of Kanye's debut album, Late Registration. Kanye asked for Tyler's help to perform the song, saying that he had not performed the song "in six years." Tyler willfully obliged, showing how big of a fan he was of the song by knowing it word-for-word. Kanye had some trouble initially, but ended up taking care of the second verse.

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