We learned a lot about Kanye West during his hour-long interview on Kris Jenner's talk show this morning. Sure, he talked about North West (AND EVEN SHOWED THE FIRST PHOTO OF HER, EVER) and how much he loves Kim Kardashian, and why he really hates the paparazzi.

But the most shocking minute of the show was when Kris showed a photoshopped version of the Kardashian Christmas Card from 2010 (pictured above) that Kanye made with himself in it. And by himself, she means a stick figure. And by Photoshop, she must mean MS Paint.

We did little digging and found a ton of other photos that Kanye Photoshopped himself into, and here they are.

All images by Jacob Moore* (@PigsandPlans

*None of these are real except the above photo

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