In the days leading up to the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, Tyler, The Creator was one of its most outspoken critics. This despite the fact that he was scheduled to be one of the performers at the event. And while he performed "Sasquatch" alongside Earl Sweatshirt, he remained critical of the show.

During an interview with Revolt TV on the red carpet prior to the performance, Tyler was asked about his earlier comments regarding the show. Tyler said:

"YouTube, you guys had a beautiful platform to allow actual talented people who take videos or whatever and think on a creative level to actually get exposure and award them for their creative work. But you fucking idiots decided to do the same shit with the same weak ass Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, and all these weak ass things that everybody else knows instead of giving people who actually do things a chance to shine.

So YouTube, suck my dick. And hopefully, when you guys do a movie awards, "Ghost of the Hotel" is nominated."

Tyler appears to be taking a stand for those artists who do things independently and use YouTube as an opportunity to become stars by being creative. The Artist of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards was Eminem, while the Video of the Year went to Girls Generation's "I Got a Boy."

[via OnSMASH]

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