Decoding Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Video

Kendrick Lamar and co-director Dave Free layered the “Not Like Us” video with Easter eggs ripe for fan interpretation. Here’s what they all might mean.

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By: Miki Hellerbach

Since Kendrick Lamar dropped “Not Like Us” on May 4th, and added a proverbial nail to the coffin, Kendrick Lamar has not let up one bit. His Juneteenth Inglewood extravaganza, Ken & Friends: The Pop Out, had the West Coast united in dance-move-riddled braggadocio, stunting on a common enemy. The reverberating impression it left has carried to the video, mostly shot in Compton and fittingly released on the 4th of July. Drake hasn’t had a single US holiday arrive without being met with hate.

The music video features, however, much more than just glee-filled dancing on Drake’s rap grave. Lamar, and co-director Dave Free, layered the visual with easter eggs ripe for fan interpretation. Most of the Easter eggs feel like direct responses to disses Drake had.

If we have learned one thing from this beef it is that Kendrick is equal parts strategic and petty. He left no stone unturned when it came to continuing to jab at Drake through subliminal and direct messaging. We have outlined all the examples we could find below. 

Kendrick dropped and gave him 50

Kendrick mimicks Drake’s TikTok dance

Nah Kendrick funny af 😭

— la negra tiene tumbao (@colormesilva_) July 5, 2024
Twitter: @colormesilva_
After the push-ups, we see Kendrick sitting on the fake prison cot rapping, “To any bitch that talk to him and they in love, just make sure you hide yo little sister from him.” @colormesilva_ on X pointed out that the dance Kendrick is doing with his hands mirrors one Drake did in a viral TikTok video seemingly with a fan’s little sister. It’s so specific and subtle it’s equal parts hard to believe and impossible to deny.

TDE signals strength

All of the owl references

DeMar DeRozan comes home

Kendrick proves “Family Matters”

Dave Free appears

Mustard’s Blue Jays hat

A 4th of July surprise

Skipping on sidewalk chalk hopscotch

Kendrick waving at the camera

The shipping crates

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