Put Everything Down And Listen To Kano’s New Album ‘Hoodies All Summer’

One of the best MC-led projects of 2019.

kano hoodies all summer

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kano hoodies all summer

Kano's sixth studio album, Hoodies All Summer, has finally arrived.

The ten-track offering lands today after the release of well-received singles "Trouble", "Class Of Deja" with Ghetts and D Double E, and "Pan-Fried" featuring Kojo Funds, the videos for which let us know that Kano's time on the set of Top Boy have not been lost on him.

Tackling topics such as institutionalisation, racism, and black pride—over grime beats, dancehall, and a touch of post-dubstep—Kano's follow-up to his 2016 LP, Made In The Manor, is already one of the best MC-led projects of the year and easily one of his own personal bests.

In a recent interview, Kano said that the aim is to "make things that are memorable, impactful. If you're going to do something, it should be fresh and it shouldn't have been done before. I feel it's important to create moments, especially in a time where things are so throwaway. It's fine to keep releasing tune after tune if you can keep up with that pace but I can't. I'm not the guy that will have the hot tune every month. That's not me! Drake can do that well, he can have the hottest tune every summer for the next 20 years, and that's how he does his things. But naaaaah, I might go away for three years, you know what I mean?"

Stream Hoodies All Summer below, or grab it here.

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