DJ Charlie B Is a Bad Boss in New "Water Whip" Video f/ OVO Affiliates 2Kz and YTN Paco

Following DJ Charlie B’s summer single “30,000 FT” featuring NorthSideBenji, “Water Whip” is a cold and gritty anthem featuring some rising stars.

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From certain angles, DJ Charlie B may look like Canada’s answer to DJ Khaled, and he may even have embraced the comparison, but the music the Toronto producer is putting out is a lot different, a lot harder, than that of the pop-happy international artist’s.

His newest track and video, “Water Whip,” is a good example. Throw a bright floral shirt on the guy and you might be able to picture Khaled pointing to the skies and calling for “another one” in his place, but then 2Kz drops the opening refrain—“Gimme two bricks and a phone, I can sell that”—and you get the picture: this is not that. 

Following up on DJ Charlie B’s summer single “30,000 FT” featuring NorthSideBenji, “Water Whip” is a cold and gritty anthem with a beat to match and including some of the nation’s hottest rising talent. Underneath the hard bass and snare is a melodic hook with moody, almost old-west vibes, indicating there are a million ways to die here too. This heat is perfect for a winter in the city.

Rising Canadian rappers 2Kz and YTN Paco

In the video, directed and edited by Zac Facts, Charlie B plays the part of warehouse boss, moving some presumably nefarious product along with a whole lot of cash. The track features bars from 2Kz and YTN Paco, two rising talents from the Galloway area in Scarborough, both of whom have been given affiliate love from Drake and OVO.

2Kz introduces the plot—get money, make money—delivering his low-pitched flow over the beat laid by DJ Charlie B and his Beezee Inc. producer JayOnTheJuice. Paco’s melodic bars hit halfway through, lifting the pitch and energy of the song as his on-screen character meets with the boss to ask for a chance at the big time. The video is meant to be a “statement on the ambivalence and duality that comes with being a boss… the work and the payoff, the risk and the reward, the drama and the comedy.”

Turn up the speakers and watch it above. 

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