Zoey Dollaz Speaks on Stream Spikes After Black Artist Deaths

Zoey Dollaz tweeted on Saturday discussing spikes in streams, which inevitably seem to happen after the death of an artist, particularly Black artists.


Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson


The hip-hop world has been in constant mourning after the back-to-back deaths of DMX and Black Rob in the last week.

X’s music has also seen a huge surge in streaming with Billboard reporting that there has been a 928 percent spike in the days following his death. But Zoey Dollaz isn’t too happy with this phenomenon given its financial ramifications. He posted his thoughts to Twitter on Saturday night discussing the subject. “Stop running up dead black artists streams if the money ain’t going to their families, we making these vultures even more rich after the these kings die off then their families don’t get shit!!!!!” he wrote.

Zoey continued his sentiment in a second tweet, stating that millions of dollars pile up for the deceased artist, but their families are left empty-handed. “Shit be wack these artists die n make more millions but their family get nothing their kids get nothing wtf kinda shit is that.”

DMX was hospitalized on April 2 after a reported drug overdose that led to a heart attack. He was in a vegetative state until he passed on April 9. His life has been celebrated in every corner of the internet with fans and followers sharing music, inspiring quotes, and funny chance encounters with the Yonkers native.

While the world was still reeling, reports emerged on April 17 that Black Rob had also passed away from kidney failure, which he had been dealing with for a few years. Many didn’t know that he had health issues until a video surfaced where he expressed his condolences to X. Fans have also taken to the internet to commemorate his life and music.

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