Vic Mensa Gives Away $10,000 Worth of Gas in Chicago

Vic Mensa returned to his native Chicago Southside community to give away $10,000 worth of gas at a BP station to help locals fight high gas prices.

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As times get tougher and gas prices skyrocket, Vic Mensa is giving back to his Chicago community.

According to TMZ, over the Labor Day Weekend, the rapper headed back to a BP station in his native Southside neighborhood to donate $10,000 worth of gas …. with a side of gas. Mensa’s new cannabis company, 93 Boyz hosted the giveaway, putting petrol into 200 cars and passing out pre-rolled joints.

One woman was extremely thankful for Mensa’s generosity, describing how she only had $5 and didn’t know how she was going to get gas to take her granddaughter to work. “I don’t know how I’ma get no gas to take you to work. We have $5 on the car then you all came. Ain’t nothing but God and blessings. I just want to say thank you, that’s all, okay,” she said amid tears. Mensa responded, “God bless you. We appreciate you. 93 Boyz got you.”

93 Boyz is Chicago’s first Black-owned cannabis company, which he launched in August. TMZ writes that Mensa said “he feels good doing service for his community,” particularly as gas prices are higher than ever. He also said that the 93 Boyz’s goal is to “always be performing acts of charity for inner city minorities.”

When the 93 Boyz launched in early August, Mensa told local publication, The Triibe more about his new venture: “I feel phenomenal to be able to be the first Black-owned cannabis brand operating in the state of Illinois,” he said. “At the same time, I recognize that excitement comes with much more work to do culturally. I feel the excitement.” 

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