Tory Lanez Says He and Meek Mill Aren't Beefing

Tory Lanez clears the air about his artist Melii signing with him over Meek Mill.

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Everything’s all good between Tory Lanez and Meek Mill.

Lanez addressed his relationship with the Philadelphia rapper during a recent episode of Genius’ show For the Record, where Lanez discussed why Harlem artist Melii decided to sign with his One Umbrella imprint instead of Meek’s Dream Chasers label.

Lanez clarified why negotiations between Melii and Dream Chasers were unsuccessful. “I think the fact that she is here and is Umbrella, it’s just a better fit, musically. She does a lot of the same things I do. She raps, sings. She does Spanish. She’s all over the place creatively, just like how I am.” Lanez said.

The situation with Melii didn’t spoil Lanez’s friendship with Meek, whom Lanez has collaborated with in the past on songs like “Litty” and “DrIP DrIp Drip.” “That’s my dog. I never had an issue with Meek,” he said. “We got on the phone and we spoke about what we spoke about. And once we spoke, it was done. It was never a thing like that. I think the world be thinking more into it than it is.”

Following the release of Melii’s debut album PhAses in March, Lanez announced that the New York artist would be joining his label. Meek then purportedly responded to Lanez’s announcement, saying, “This a corny ass move on both y'all end.” However, the comment was later deleted.

Melii then addressed the situation, writing, “It's easy to judge n argue about things that aren't true n seem a certain way because of social media.” She continued, “But not once have I bashed Meek or even plan on doing so.” She explained why she left the Motivation Tour, and stated that she “never intended to snake anyone.”

You can watch the full interview, above.

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