Melii's debut album PhAses dropped this week and it was welcomed to both critical applause and label-related controversy thanks to Meek Mill and Tory Lanez.

Following the album's official drop, Lanez took to Instagram to congratulate his latest One Umbrella label signee, writing "I'm so proud of you." However, it wasn't long before Meek allegedly slid in to denounce Melii's—who was expected to join his label after touring with him—partnership with Lanez in a now-deleted comment. "This a corny ass move on both y'all end," Meek wrote. 

As she's trying to celebrate the latest mile-mark in professional success, Melii took to Instagram Stories to try and put the beef to rest. "It's easy to judge n argue about things that aren't true n seem a certain way because of social media," she wrote. "But not once have I bashed Meek or even plan on doing so."

She explained why she left the Motivation Tour, and stated that she "never intended to snake anyone."

On Friday, the rapper had an interview with Hot 97's Nessa, where she criticized how her generation uses social media to ignite controversy. Now, it appears as though the rapper is speaking on the issue again, this time via Instagram. 

"This is the last time I will be speaking on this topic," she wrote. "This is the second time I get backlash on the internet on something Meek is fully aware of and doesn't address it on social media instead does his damage and leaves it to others to deal with it." 

In her comments, Melii also gives more details surrounding her exit from Meek's Motivation Tour. "I have proof where I communicated verbally and through messages that I would no longer be working with DC anymore," she wrote. "The last straw was in NYC while standing behind the curtains waiting to get on stage, the mic was taken from me and given to another artist and I was told that they could not find the mic as if I didn't just have it in my hands."

Although it appears as though she's trying to settle the beef, there's a chance that between Tory Lanez and Meek Mill, this isn't the last time Melii's label status will be publicly scrutinized. 

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