Tony Yayo Says He Helped Popularize BBLs: ‘I Put That Sh*t on the Forefront’

Tony Yayo says the woman, Buffie the Body, who appeared in his "So Seductive" visual in 2005 was "the first girl" to "get her body done."

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Tony Yayo wants his credit.

In a recent episode of The Danza Project, the former G-Unit member said he started the BBL movement. Host Uncle Murda gave props to DJ Kay Slay, calling him “the godfather” of shining a light on curvy body types with his Straight Stuntin' magazine.

“He damn near brought that to the game with them magazines,” Murda said, around the 24:55 minute mark.

Yayo chimed in: “It was to the point where the [music video] director, they put the Dominican joint—’cause you know [in] New York we got bad Dominicans, bad Puerto Ricans—but they would put them in the joint. … I’m like, ‘I might want some chocolate shit with the fatty in my shit!’”

Yayo then described how he wanted to bring the curvy body type to his music videos.

“That’s when I did ‘So Seductive,’ I had Buffie the Body. She was the first BBL you seen in your life,” he explained of the music video he released in 2005. “So when you think about it, I started the BBL movement! Give me my props! … Not me personally, but I started the movement. ‘Cause listen, Buffie the Body was the first girl you ever seen get her body done. That was ’04, ’05, ’06. Slay was rocking hard, but I put that shit on the forefront with the video ‘So Seductive.’ That was the fattest ass you seen, shout out to Buffie.”

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