History Teacher's Guitar Performance of 50 Cent's "Candy Shop” for His Students Has People Impressed

The teacher vibed out with his students before the start of summer break.

One history teacher is going viral after giving his students an unforgettable performance before sending them off on summer break.

The viral video shows the teacher strumming his black electric guitar for a rendition of 50 Cent’s hit song “Candy Shop,” garnering over one million likes on TikTok.

“My history teacher went crazy,” user Ava3767 wrote in the caption of the clip linked above.

While the shool year is wrapping up for many, teachers are still making headlines recently. Last week, a Maryland school district launched an investigation into one of its teachers after he posted TikToks of his students taking down his braids and painting his nails.

The district reportedly reassigned the teacher, Marquise White, and many slammed him for being inappropriate. He later posted a response video, where he agreed that his behavior was “unprofessional” but that he was an “unconventional teacher.”

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