Mariah Carey Shades Eminem in TikTok Video Celebrating 12-Year Anniversary of "Obsessed"

Mariah Carey celebrated the 12-year anniversary of "Obsessed" with a #WipeItDown challenge TikTok video where she seems to impersonate Eminem.


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Mariah Carey took a jab at Eminem on the 12-year anniversary of her hit song “Obsessed.”

To honor the song, which many believe is aimed at the Detroit rapper, Mariah posted a video of her doing the #WipeItDown TikTok challenge. The video sees her wiping down a mirror while in her robe and a face mask, then transforming into a full glam, and finally into another character, wearing a fake goatee and facial hair, bandana, and baseball hat. It really doesn’t seem like it could be anyone else but Em.

“I was so obsessed with wiping things down last year,” she wrote. Mariah’s version mashes her song with the original #WipeItDown sound clip by BMW Kenny—and as the singer points out, the challenge took place around this time last year.


I was so obsessed with wiping things down last year 😂 #lockdown #obsessed

♬ original sound - Mariah Carey

Mariah and Eminem have long been at odds with each other, starting in 2001, after the rapper claimed that the two dated for six months. After she denied his story, Em began dissing her in a number of records, including the 2009 cut “Bagpipes From Bagdad.” Mariah responded in kind, with “Obsessed,” and its music video where she donned a costume that seemed to be a nod to Em—similar to her TikTok video. However, she never mentioned him by name. Their feud also spilled over into a beef between Eminem and her ex-husband Nick Cannon.

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