Listen to Lil Uzi Vert Spaz on G Herbo’s Preview of “Who Run it” Remix

Lil Uzi Vert is going in.

G Herbo at his album listening party

Image via Getty/Johnny Nunez

G Herbo at his album listening party

G Herbo’s latest run-in with the law hasn’t kept him down—in fact, everything's been looking up for the Chicago native since his February arrest.

Recent praise from Drake inspired Herbo to release his impressive “Who Run It” freestyle as an official song. Now, Herbo has tapped Lil Uzi Vert to guest on the “Who Run It (Remix),” which Herbo previewed on his Instagram story on Tuesday.

In the set of three videos below, we see Herbo driving while listening to the remix, clearly excited about its release. In another video—which can be found only on Herbo's Instagram story—he says he’s not “even gonna let y’all hear all the verses,” because Uzi is “tweaking.”

After the freestyle dropped earlier in March, Drake slid in Herbo’s DM’s to show his enthusiasm. Herbo posted a screenshot of the messages, where Drake told Herbo, “Why you spaz on who run it like that,” adding, “I been listening for like 5 days straight. To the same 30 second clip. You should make that a song and just drop it.”

Herbo challenged his fans, saying, “BIG BRO SAID DO IT SO I DID IT. 150,000 LIKES & IMMA DROP THAT BITCH.” Over 300,000 likes later, Herbo delivered the entire freestyle, which was definitely worth the hype—so we can only imagine what a remix with Uzi will sound like.

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