Lana Del Rey’s Father Rob Grant Says He’s ‘Happy’ to Be ‘First Nepo Daddy’ as Debut Album Looms

The comments come as Lana Del Rey's father, Rob Grant, gears up for the release of his debut album, 'Lost at Sea.'

Nepo daddies have entered the discourse.

Lana Del Rey’s father, Rob Grant, labeled himself as such in a new interview with GQ. He told the magazine that he is “happy to be the first nepo daddy” while gearing up to release his first-ever album.

The 69-year-old announced his project back in February, a 14-track debut called Lost at Sea, which is slated for a June 9 arrival via Decca Records. In advance of the record, he’s shared the singles “Setting Sail on a Distant Horizon,” “Poetry of Wind and Waves,” “The Mermaids Lullaby,” and “Deep Ocean Swells.” His daughter is set to appear on the album’s title track and the song “Hollywood Bowl,” while her longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff is a producer on the project.

“The nepo daddy thing I love,” Grant told GQ, revealing that he first heard of the nepo baby concept in his Instagram comments.

Elsewhere in the interview, Del Rey said that Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, was really the first nepo daddy, after he attempted to launch a career as a jazz artist following his daughter’s death.

“Well see, back then, during Mitch's time they didn't have nepo babies. It's only because of the whole nepo baby thing. Who wrote that story?” Grant said, in response to Del Rey. His question referenced the 2022 Vulture article that birthed the conversation.

“Someone without a brain. It’s just another way to rile simple folks up,” she replied.

When Grant heard the phrase, nepo daddy, he thought it would make for some “really cool merch.” He continued, “Nobody wants to give anyone any credit for doing anything. God forbid that you actually have talent. People don’t want to acknowledge that. They will find a way to undermine you and to really make you feel bad about yourself.”

For her own part, Del Rey released her ninth studio album, Did You Know that There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd in March. She also recently dropped her previously-unreleased song “Say Yes to Heaven,” which she recorded in 2013.

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