Ja Rule Calls for Peace Amid Great Rap Wars of 2024, Says He Relates to Drake's '20 v. 1' Line on "Push Ups"

The ongoing beef between Drake, Kendrick, Future, Metro Boomin, and more had Ja reflecting on his own feuds.

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Not everyone’s here for the rap beef.

Ja Rule took to X over the weekend to share his opinions about recent events.

“The industry at war...” he mused. In a follow-up tweet, he wrote, “20V1 I can relate 🤣,” a nod to Drake’s diss record, “Push Ups,” aimed at Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, and Future.

“What the fuck is this, a 20 v. one, n***a?” Drizzy raps in the song’s first verse.

Tweet from Ja Rule stating "The industry at war..." with engagement stats; reflects on music industry conflicts
Tweet by Ja Rule with text "20v1 I can relate", followed by a thinking face emoji, indicating empathy or shared experience

Ja continued, “Hip hop is a family… and no one wins when the family feuds!!! Don’t let that go over your head… #hiphopvseverybody.”

Tweet from Ja Rule stating "Hip hop is a family... no one wins when the family feuds!! Don't let that go over your head... #hiphopvseverybody"

Later, a fan circled back on Ja Rule’s “20V1” comment, writing, "They said @50cent had ja rule seeing 20,” an obvious reference to the “Always on Time” rapper’s long-seated beef with Fif.

Ja responded, “🤣 [G-Unit] literally had an ORDER OF PROTECTION against murder Inc… can you imagine if one of the camps in this beef right now put an order of protection on the other 🤣🤣🤣.”

Two Twitter posts discussing a past conflict between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, with humorous commentary on the situation

Ja Rule alluded to a restraining order 50 was rumored to have filed against Murder Inc. in 2002 after Fif was stabbed outside the Hit Factory in New York in 2000. According to Capital Xtra, the police issued the order of protection 50 Cent’s behalf.

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