J. Cole Discusses Religion, XXXTentacion, and More With 'No Jumper' Host Adam22

J. Cole discusses religion and XXXTentacion during a surprise visit to 'No Jumper' podcast host Adam22.

J Cole

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J Cole

While J. Cole doesn’t seem to be one for surprises, on Wednesday, the Forest Hills Drive rapper popped into the Los Angeles BMX store OnSomeShit to hang out with Adam Grandmaison, or Adam22 of the No Jumper podcast.

While Adam is usually the one to ask questions, Cole turned the tables on Adam and quizzed him on his religious views. Cole was intrigued when Adam admitted he’s an atheist, and after their compelling conversation, Cole shared his own outlook on the subject.

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“I definitely went through a point in my life where I was like seventh grade fucked me up—seventh grade science class. We started talking about fucking dinosaurs and evolution, and all of that shit sounded logical to me and fascinated me,” Cole said, adding, “But then it’s also we go to church, then it’s also you hear all this shit about Adam and Eve.”

“It hit a point where I like had to question [my religion] for the first time, where like I wasn’t sure but then I felt bad about that. I went and got baptized because I felt guilty… for even having a negative thought about it,” he continued. “I started reading the Bible. I was scared as fuck. And then it hit a point in my life where I just fell off and let the answer come.”

Even more unexpected than Cole’s visit and their talk about religion was the artist Cole cosigned. “I was so disconnected to what was going on. Like, just stopped being a fan. Last year, I decided I have to stop that shit. I have to allow myself to become a fan,” Cole said. “Last year, when [XXXTentacion] got punched on stage, and it was clearly big enough to make it into my realm...I’m like damn, but what does bruh do? That leads me to hear some of his shit, I'm like damn, this nigga’s actually talented.”

So there you have it, people. X has been co-signed by Cole, which is pretty remarkable and obviously a plus for X. The Florida rapper has been trying to clean up his image, most recently by visiting a foster home where he donated $20,000 in gifts. A few other rappers have endorsed X in the past, including Kendrick Lamar. Earlier this month, Joey Badass also revealed that he and X have a collaborative tape on the way.

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