Flavor Flav Celebrates Two Years of Sobriety: ‘I’m Very Proud of Myself’

Flavor Flav took to Instagram this week to celebrate two years of sobriety from alcohol and cigarettes, letting his fans know that he's proud of himself.

Flavor Flav photographed in Los Angeles

Image via Getty/Robin L Marshall

Flavor Flav photographed in Los Angeles

Although Flavor Flav has had a rough couple of years, he’s celebrating a major milestone.

This week, the 63-year-old commemorated two years of sobriety. He took to Instagram to share the moment with his followers and fans. 

“Today is Oct. 19. Guess what? I am two years no cigarettes, two years no alcohol,” Flav said in an Instagram clip. “You know what? I feel real good, y’all, just to let you know. And you know what? I’m gonna do this another maybe 22 more years. I don’t know. But right now, I’m working on one year at a time, folks. … You know what? I don’t care what nobody say but I look good. … Still sober, baby.”

“I am very proud of myself,” he wrote in the caption. “I just had to let everybody know it. I’m proud of me.”

Earlier this year, Flavor Flav conclusively learned he’s the father of a 3-year-old boy named Jordan, whose mother is reportedly Flav’s former manager Kate Gammell. The pair were romantically involved several years ago. Since his paternity was confirmed, the Public Enemy member and Gammell settled on a custody agreement and child support.

Flav was also involved in a near-fatal car accident last December. Luckily, he and his personal driver didn’t suffer any physical injuries from the crash.

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