Eminem Shares Story About the Time Val Kilmer Saw Him Naked

Em decided to share a little confessional from almost a decade ago.

Amid all the false rumors that Eminem and Nicki Minajare dating, Em decided to share a little confessional from almost a decade ago.

“I have something on my mind that’s been bothering me for years,” Em said in a video he posted to Instagram on Monday. “I will tell you a little story: 2009, 2010, I was at the [Video Music Awards]. It was either music awards, movie awards, something, and my trailer was next door to 50 [Cent]’s trailer. I went to the back to go change for stage, and as I’m taking off my underwear, I look across in 50’s trailer and right even with me is Val Kilmer, sitting like this in a chair,” Eminem said, as he sits back in the chair to demonstrate.

He continued, “I know he’s looking at me, and I know he looked away ‘cause he saw me looking at him. I know Val Kilmer saw me naked. I just had to get that off my chest.”

50 reposted Em’s video a few hours later with the caption “oh shit, hahahahahahah,” adding, “get the strap.”

50 also went into the comments to write, “Val was waiting for us to get there. Em was getting dressed already. This is the funniest shit I have seen in years. LOL.”

It's unclear why Em chose to share the story about Kilmer. But unlike Em and Minaj trolling fans when they thought the two rappers were dating and sparked conversations about another collaboration, Em’s story about Kilmer seems to hold some weight, particularly with 50’s corroboration. 

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