Eminem Celebrates 11 Years of Sobriety

Eminem commemorated the moment by sharing a photo of his 11-year sobriety chip on Instagram and Twitter.


Image via Getty/Kevin Mazur


Eminem celebrated 11 years of sobriety on Saturday.

The Detroit rapper posted a photo his sobriety chip on Twitter and Instagram with a commemorative caption, “11 years - still not afraid.”

Em has been candid about his addiction over the years and has spoken about his 2007 overdose.

“I overdosed on pills, and I went into the hospital,” Eminem told Men’s Journal during a 2015 profile. “I was close to 230 pounds. I’m not sure how I got so big, but I have ideas. The coating on the Vicodin and the Valium I’d been taking for years leaves a hole in your stomach, so to avoid a stomachache, I was constantly eating—and eating badly.” Eminem also detailed the overdose on Revival's closing track "Arose."

Em also spoke about his sobriety in his interview with Elton John for Interview Magazine.

“Your sobriety day is in my diary,” John said after Em informed him he was likely “on drugs” when the two met to discuss their classic “Stan” performance at the Grammys. “I'm so proud of you. I'm 27 years clean, and when you get clean, you see things in a different way. It makes your life so much more manageable. It seems to have made all the difference—I can tell when I speak to you.”

Em agreed. “Getting clean made me grow up,” he said. “I feel like all the years that I was using, I wasn't growing as a person.”

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