Watch Cardi B Fangirl Out About President Franklin D. Roosevelt Once Again on ‘Hot Ones’: ‘I Love FDR’

Cardi has long been enamored by the late president and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.

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On the latest episode of Complex and First We Feast’s Hot Ones, Cardi B took a trip down memory lane and looked back on getting a chopped cheese with David Letterman last year.

But that wasn’t her favorite part about filming the Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. It was actually when she and Letterman visited the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, and the late president’s home in Hyde Park, New York.

“That wasn’t even like my favorite part,” Cardi said of getting a chopped cheese with Letterman, around the 14-minute mark. “What stays in my mind for a long time is that I went to FDR’s house. If anybody loves me knows me, I love FDR. … And I love Eleanor Roosevelt."

Cardi B talking about her love for FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt

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“[FDR] got us through the Great Depression with a war, only president that got elected four times while he’s in a wheelchair," she said of the man who was POTUS from 1933 to 1945. "As I grew up, reading a lot about Eleanor Roosevelt, she had a very sad life. When I went to her house—she had different houses from her husband—because FDR mama, she was always around and [Eleanor] didn’t really like that. Eleanor wanted her space just like me, I want my own space sometimes.”

Cardi added, “I saw the room where Churchill and FDR was talking about the nuke. That is crazy to me.”

Elsewhere on Hot Ones, the Bronx native explained why she always addresses pain, drama, and bullshit in her intros.

“A lot of people tell me that I should put my pain, my struggle in my music. A lot of my pains and a lot of my struggles…I feel like the masses might not be able to relate,” she said around the 4:20 minute mark. “I would just literally like to make my intro of everything, addressing all the bullshit, addressing the bitches, addressing the shit that I gotta go through, and then the whole album just be about fun. Because I like fun. … My intro should be like just me popping my shit…and after that, aight, let’s pop some [pussy].”

Later, she touched on making radio versions of her songs, which she said is “annoying.” Cardi continued around the 7:20 minute mark, “Because I just did it practically two weeks ago. And I was so over it because my new song [“Bongos”] I be like, ‘N***a, eat this ass like a plum.’ So I’m doing the clean version and like, alright, ‘Baby, eat it up like a plum.’ And it’s like, ‘No, you still can’t play that for pop radio.’ And I’m like, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums.’ … That sounds like a Kidz Bop.”

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