6ix9ine Says He Hasn't Seen His Daughter Due to COVID-19

6ix9ine has been largely absent from his daughter Saraiyah's life.


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6ix9ine was released from prison due to the COVID-19 pandemic and according to his ex, he hasn’t yet seen his daughter Saraiyah.

TMZ reports that the mother of his child, Sara Molina, said that while she didn’t anticipate that the rapper would change his behavior immediately, it appears as if he still doesn’t want to get to know his daughter. However, sources say that he isn't avoiding Saraiyah but rather wants to be sure the pandemic is contained first so he doesn’t put her at risk.

Molina said she's been happy because 6ix9ine contacted her mother so that his mother could meet Saraiyah at a neutral location. The meeting went smoothly and 6ix9ine’s mother has been in contact over the last month, even coming to see Saraiyah multiple times. But things changed after the artist was released from prison; 69’s mom blocked off communication and has been MIA.

TMZ reports that Tekashi has alleged Molina is pleading to get back together and using Saraiyah as a way to rekindle their relationship. Because of that, he’s apparently keen on getting a custody arrangement squared away in court.

Molina has said 6ix9ine’s mother can come to see Saraiyah, but not 6ix9ine. Molina echoed the same sentiment in January when she told TMZ that if he was allowed to finish his sentence at home, then he should forget about seeing their daughter. Besides being an absent father, Molina said seeing the rapper is a safety issue since he’s viewed as a snitch.

Because 6ix9ine has asthma, he was seen as being at high-risk to contract COVID-19 and was subsequently released early. He's now on supervised release and serving the first four months on home incarceration. His release was originally slated for August, after he was sentenced to two years in prison in December 2019, including time served.

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