Video Shows Nicki Minaj Fans Protesting Outside CDC Headquarters Amid Blowback to Vaccine Comments

The rapper faced backlash this week after tweeting unverifiable claims that a COVID-19 vaccine administered in Trinidad made her cousin's friend impotent.

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The Barbz are pushing back against U.S. health experts.

On Wednesday, a group of protesters gathered outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta to defend Nicki Minaj’s recent tweets about a COVID-19 vaccine, CBS 46 reports. The Queen rapper faced backlash on Monday after claiming her cousin’s friend in Trinidad had experienced unsettling side effects after getting a vaccine shot in Trinidad.

On the night of the annual Met Gala, Nicki tweeted that the event’s organizers had implemented a vaccine mandate for all attendees. She expressed skepticism over the efficacy of the jab, and said she would do her own research before getting a shot.

After some fans pointed out that the vaccines significantly lower the chances of severe symptoms and death, Nicki shared an anecdote about her cousin’s friend in Trinidad who allegedly became impotent after receiving a shot.

Health officials from countries refuted Nicki’s claims, insisting there is no evidence that the available COVID-19 vaccines cause impotency. However, fellow skeptics—including the protestors outside the CDC on Wednesday—praised the rapper for speaking out, and slammed those who tried to dismiss her.

“Nicki Minaj told the truth to me! Fauci lied to me!” protestors chanted, referring to infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci. “You know Fauci’s lying!”

The protesters, who donned face coverings and gloves during the demonstration, called on others to also question the reported efficacy of the vaccines.

“Nicki, the queen of rap, stand up,” one protestor said. “Nicki multiple platinum plaques stand up and said, ‘I’m questioning the vaccine’ and we should all question this vaccine.”

During a Thursday press conference, a reporter asked President Joe Biden about the potential impact of Nicki’s claims. POTUS walked away from the podium without addressing the question. 

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