Tyler, the Creator Shares His Favorite Moments From 'IGOR'

Tyler reveals 'IGOR' includes his favorite song he's made.

Tyler, the Creator

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Tyler, the Creator

More than a month after IGOR's release, Tyler, the Creator hit up Twitter on Tuesday to reflect on his favorite parts of the chart-topping album—specifically, the parts that make his "insides move."

Tyler kicked things off by highlighting the synths on the project's opener, "Igor's Theme," as well as the harmonies on "Earfquake" and the bridge on "I Think." The 28-year-old artist then got a bit more in-depth when he declared "New Magic Wand" the quintessential Tyler record and his favorite song he's made. 

1:25 on NEW MAGIC WAND, speaker at its highest, is my favorite moment ive made, purely based on feeling. havent been able to articulate why. ive also came to the conclusion this is my favorite song ive made. its so, tyler: everything ive attempted in one, executed perfectly

— T (@tylerthecreator) July 2, 2019

Tyler also points to the Kanye West-assisted "Puppet" track. Though he describes his verse as both "honest and fire," the artist says he loved the "la, la, la, la" vocals on the song's outro. 

other than my verse cause it was so honest and fire, the 'la laaa' at 2:52 on PUPPET is one of those little sugar vocals i try to add in every song. i love small things like that

— T (@tylerthecreator) July 2, 2019

Of course, Tyler had to mention "What's Good," the standout track in which listeners are finally introduced to the album's title character. He specifically made note of the "Dracula" chant in the third verse as well as his breathing throughout the song.

the dracula part on WHATS GOOD is so screw face, i think we can all agree on that. and the breathing throughout the song is a little detail i implimented on the whole album, makes it human.

— T (@tylerthecreator) July 2, 2019

The second part of "Gone, Gone/Thank You" also received some love. Tyler admitted that he enjoyed the instrumentals so much that he didn't want to "ruin" them with his vocals, which explains why the last minute and 40 seconds are so minimal in terms of lyrics.

its a chord at 5:20 on THANK YOU that feels like it comes outta nowhere that i fucking LOVE. it sounds like water to me. saturated clearwater blueish, a hint of yellow in it. i didnt wanna ruin it with vocals so i just left it mostly instrumental and keep my voice on the hook.

— T (@tylerthecreator) July 2, 2019

Other highlights for Tyler included Solange's voice on "A Boy Is a Gun," the bridge on "I Don't Love You Anymore," and the end of "Are We Still Friends."

Tyler will kick off IGOR's supporting North American tour at the end of next month. The trek will include special guests Jaden Smith, Blood Orange, and GoldLink.

IGOR TOOR: tyler, jaden, blood orange, goldlink : on sale friday pic.twitter.com/jUuxLcfKUP

— T (@tylerthecreator) June 3, 2019

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