So What Is Tyler, the Creator Actually Dropping Next Week?

Tyler, the Creator has something planned for next week. Here are several possibilities about what that can be.

This is a photo of Tyler.

Image via Getty/Frazer Harrison

This is a photo of Tyler.

Tyler, the Creator has something planned for next week.

This past Thursday, the 26-year-old rapper tweeted a cryptic image that featured a bumblebee with the words: “7 Days Boy!” Every day since then, Tyler has shared a similar post with an updated countdown, without giving any indication as to what he has in store.

— T (@tylerthecreator) June 22, 2017

— T (@tylerthecreator) June 24, 2017

Fans have, of course, have been left with a lot of questions and even more speculation about what the Odd Future boss is going to deliver. There are many possibilities, but we’re going to address the most realistic ones below.

The first thought that came into people’s heads was that Tyler would finally release new music. Though the outspoken artist has made appearances on other projects (like his feature on Frank Ocean’s “Biking” and his appearance on Jaden Smith’s “Batman” video), he hasn’t dropped an album since 2015’s Cherry Bomb. Does he have a full-length on deck? Or could he be teasing a new single?

It’s important to note that the big day will fall on a Thursday, which isn’t typically reserved for music releases. Most artists around the world will drop new material on Fridays around midnight; however, as we’ve seen in the past, this isn’t a strict rule. There’s still a chance Tyler could premiere a new album or record on Thursday. Or, perhaps, he’s simply going to announce one of those.

This leads us to the next possibility, which is it could have something to do with the annual Camp Flog Gnaw carnival. We know this year’s event will take place Oct. 28-29 in Los Angeles, but we’ve yet to receive any word on the musical guests. Maybe Tyler is counting down the days to the lineup announcement.

Tyler is also working on a couple of TV programs, which might explain why his music career has been fairly quiet. Earlier this year, his animated series The Jellies! received the green light from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The show, which was co-created by Lionel Boyce, was announced last month. Though The Jellies! is expected to premiere this summer, the network has yet to announce an official air date.

The 26-year-old artist has also nabbed his own Viceland TV show called Nuts & Bolts. Odd Future announced the program last month, along with a Aug. 3 premiere date. Though we have a little over a month before Nuts & Bolts hits the small screen, Tyler could be revealing some information about the show this Thursday.

A representative for Tyler declined to comment, which means we’ll just have to wait it out. But if we had to guess, it's new music or the air date of The Jellies!

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