T.I.’s Son King Gets Into Altercation With Waffle House Employees Over Messed Up Order

The recent high school graduate was filming himself on IG Live threatening Waffle House restaurant workers after they allegedly messed up his order.

Rapper King performs onstage during 2022 Spring Music Fest

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Rapper King performs onstage during 2022 Spring Music Fest

King Harris is catching heat over his recent altercation with Waffle House workers.

According to HipHopDX, the incident took place at an Atlanta area restaurant, where King—the child of T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris—began arguing with staffer after they allegedly messed up his order by including pickles in the meal. The 17-year-old captured the heated exchange via Instagram Live, where he was seen cussing out and threatening the workers.

“You can talk like that outside,” a person off camera is heard telling King.

“Hey, I can talk how the fuck I want to, wherever I’m at. I’m on live, shawty. Stop talking to me,” he said. “This ain’t your fuckin’ restaurant.”

King continued to disparage the employee, who identified herself as Jennifer, by suggesting she had a low income.

“Everything you make, I can pull out my pocket right now,” he said, before taking out a stack of cash. “I’m not tripping on you. I’m not talking to you.”

Seconds later, King turns his direction to another employee, and suggests they settle their issue “outside.”

“I’ll show you what I do. Come here, c’mon,” King said. “I’m outside, come out and say something … Get yo employees.”

The teen eventually goes back inside the restaurant to retrieve his food. As he leaves the joint, he threatens to pistol whip one of the workers. Though it’s unclear when the incident went down, King’s comments suggest it occurred earlier this month, as he’s heard telling one of the employees, ‘Tell your momma happy Mother’s Day.’”

You can check out the video below.

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Social media users slammed King over the altercation, with some describing his behavior as out of line and privileged. His dad responded to the footage via Instagram this week, asking why the Waffle House dispute was even “newsworthy.”

“He graduated with honors … at 17,” Tip said. “I don’t understand what world we’re living in, when this is what we’d rather promote?”

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The footage went viral just days after King graduated from high school. T.I. celebrated the milestone in an Instagram post: “Shocked the sh*t outta me🤯Celebration is definitely in order🎉Twin did it‼️ @the_next_king10 Graduates tomorrow… WITH HONORS👑 Say what you want about him… but can’t say he ain’t handle his business. #ProudPops🥲”

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